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Imba was established in 1978 in the United Arab Emirates. It started as a paints applicator then grew to delivering paints, all types of building materials, and other ventures relating to building contracting including polystyrene production, carpentry, decoration, and waterproofing & insulation. The group offers the best trading products.

We work with passion and use our expertise to promote our projects in the field of design and architecture. Our continuity is fueled by our clients’ satisfaction.

The combination of ideas, intuition, and exhaustive studies on the development of new concepts make us a reference in the region and a recognized partner for contractors and consultants.

Imba, as the decorative brand in professional paints and coatings is the natural choice for any decoration project in the region: hotels, shopping malls, complexes, building towers, private houses, hotels, offices, shops and restaurants, meeting rooms, modern or ancient architecture. If the objective is to have unique projects with surprising effects, our shops and branches are the answer.

Fast-tracked Reputation

We’ve fast-tracked our reputation by bringing to projects our wealth of experience in delivering quality results in often challenging environments.

Our can-do attitude coupled with years of expertise, means we can deliver and new with quality. Meticulous planning, close client liaison and ‘just in time’ logistics management are the hallmarks of our approach.

We understand that it demands 110% attention to quality and delivery to be marked as a market leader. With quality being our first priority, we bring teams who are capable and confident.

With our skilled, multi-disciplined teams and our reputation for working seamlessly with specialist sub-contractors, we are rapidly growing our reputation as the best choice in paints, waterproofing and building materials.

How we do it Safe, Smart and Sustainable


On the ground and out in the field we manage all projects sustainably, with regular check confirming the quality of our approach.

Our staff are fully trained in environmental management and compliance. We regularly hold training programs for new employees and refresher courses for long-serving team members.


We have introduced state-of-the-art technology, now in everyday use in our operations. As an example in our insulation division, we use multi-spray unit that sprays bitumen at different application rates across the width of the area to eliminate flushing, reduce wear and improves resistance.


We do not compromise on safety — it always comes first in everything we do. Using the latest safety systems, leadership techniques, training and support helps all of our people and subcontractors go home to their families.

Safety inductions are mandatory on sites, highlighting risks and reinforcing the need for constant care. We work with clients to eliminate safety risks through design and construction processes. We enforce our rules and foster a positive safety culture on every site.


We are known for our independence. We are proud of our private ownership which gives us the flexibility to work with any partner. Our collaborative approach and a real desire to get things done helps our clients and partners deliver the results they want each and every time.

We’re the team people want on their side. Our innovative approach to partnering has been recognized with prestigious accolades such as the Ministry of Public Works, Ministry of Education, and many other VIP clients.

Our project systems help us manage challenges and complexities. Putting projects and relationships first, we’re known for sorting out any problems that do arise.

We’re committed to quality. Our attitude is do it right first time, every time. Our collaborative approach of working with clients to determine their quality goals has been recognized.

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